First Workshop Coming Up on July 20th!


Getting Started with Paint, Collage and Creativity
A one-day workshop by Martha Nixon at The Green Counter Boutique

Date: July 20, 2013 from 10:00 to 3:00, 18 Mill Street, Carleton Place
Cost: $65 (art supplies and lunch included)

This one-day workshop will offer you the chance to explore paths to creative expression through paint, collage and mark making.  Overcoming your fear of “not being able to draw” or going deeper into an art practice, Martha Nixon will offer some techniques and suggestions based on her 10 years of making art.  We will begin by talking about our goals for the day – and then while discussing how composition works and the elements of design, we will jump into putting colour on paper, either with paint or with paint and collage papers.  Marks form the basis of an interesting composition and we will look at how we can vary marks, remove marks and rebuild over marks.  In the afternoon, we will build our morning work into painting and collaging on a canvas, with a finished work to be your objective.  As we progress through the day, we will have a chance to discuss our work and learn from each other.  While the direction we take may lead to abstract work, putting figurative elements into your work will be encouraged if that is where you are comfortable. The overall goal of the day is to have fun!



  1. hi
    I”d like to sign up for the course on Saturday. I’m out of town most of this week, but will be home Friday night. What do I need to do to sign up?

    • Hello Adrienne,

      We will see you at the boutique on Saturday. Thank you for your interest. B.

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